The Interface of Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator user interface

The Interface of Adobe Illustrator

T he Interface of Adobe Illustrator is the most important part of the Software because it is up to it that the navigation feels intuitive for the users and the usage is simple. However, the Interface is also the part we often pay less attention, when we study illustration and design.

Would you like me to show you all its secrets? All you need to do is take a glance…


The User Interface at a single glance

As a general rule, most of the illustration and design software solutions have implemented a very friendly, very similar User’s Interface; where all the main tools are just a click away, organized in neat panels set around the Document.

The following image shows the User Interface of the old Adobe Illustrator CS4. If you’ve seen the newer versions, you can tell that the Interface hasn’t changed that much at all in the last years. The Workspace that we see here, has been kept almost identical in the newer versions.

The User Interface of Adobe Illustrator CS4 at a single glance

The User Interface of Adobe Illustrator CS4 at a single glance

1. Menus
2. Options of the Selected Tool
3. Tools
4. Fill and Stroke
5. Ruler
6. Workspace
7. Panel Bars

I will review many of the tools and features of the software in the following posts. All you need to do for now is remember this simple diagram and start using Illustrator like a Pro!



The following video makes a tour around all the menus, features and panels of Adobe Illustrator CS5. Unfortunately, the audio is only available in Spanish. But if you feel up to it, you can give it a try! Just sayin'...





In the following post we will take a look at the Selection Tools in Illustrator, and we will explore their features and compare the differences between. After reading this, you can begin your vector illustrating journey with an upper hand!

Check it out!



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