Perspective Drawing

Sayuri Matsumoto


Learning perspective drawing is easy! It might not look that way, but I promise you, it really is! What is difficult about learning perspective is to find a good resource that teaches you all you need to know to master it. Well… Look no further. You have found it!

I have gathered all the knowledge you need to learn to draw in perfect perspective, and I’ve turned it into a quick and easy to follow video course. If you follow it through, you’ll be drawing like a master in no time! You’ll see!


Watch the videos

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Basic Level

Intermediate Level

  • Measuring in Perspective
  • Drawing Polygons in One Point Perspective
  • Drawing Polygons in Two Point Perspective
  • Scene with measuring techniques
  • Rotations in Perspective
  • Scene with Rotated Objects
  • Mirroring in Perspective
  • Scene with Mirrored Planes
  • Transferring Scale: Placing Figures in Perspective
  • Scene with Figures in Perspective
  • Angled Planes
  • Scene with Angled Planes