Introduction to Manga Studio EX5

Manga Studio Introduction

Introduction to Manga Studio EX5

Smith Micro products

Smith Micro products

M anga Studio EX5 is a drawing and painting software developed by Smith Micro software.

This software claims to be the #1 comic software worldwide, and in my opinion it does have the right to do so. I believe there are many reasons to choose Manga Studio (a.k.a. Clip Studio) over other more expensive and perhaps more popular software.

Let me convince you!

The first and most obvious reason is its excellent quality/price ratio. The license for a digital copy of Adobe Photoshop is priced in a $239 fee per year; opposite to a lifetime license of Manga Studio EX5, that can be purchased for 209$. And that’s the price for the full featured version (EX). If instead you get the basic version of Manga Studio 5, you’d pay only 48$!

Manga Studio featured images

Manga Studio featured images

Manga Studio 5 can also be considered as both a drawing and a painting software since it allows the use of vector layers – similar to those seen in  Freehand or in Adobe Illustrator – and the use of raster layers like the ones found in software packages such as Corel Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

The EX5 version also includes multy-page layout construction tools, that we can use to arrange our work and comic vignettes into booklet formats; that can be easily exported directly to print.

Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint review and utilities

Manga Studio’s features are a blend between Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

In just one software we can see the most useful tools from the three major softwares of Adobe such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign; speaking of course from a digital-illustration/comic oriented line of work.

All these features–plus the reduced cost of the single license of this software–make Manga Studio 5 and EX5 a great tool for small studios and freelance artists.

As we will see through the videos I made for this series, in the EX5 version of Manga Studio we can also find several 3D materials that we can use as drawing reference; as well as full rigged 3D characters shaded with cartoon materials. We can then add to the previously highlighted features the potential of the 3D characters from Poser (also a Smith Micro product).

Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint review and utilities

The EX version has the added power of  3D characters similar to the ones in Poser

For more information on this matter, I invite you to visit the website of the developer, Smith Micro software, and its two products: Manga Studio 5 and Manga Studio EX5

Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint review

So, what do you think? Will you give it a try? I know I will 😉

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