Adobe Illustrator

Sara Martull


I developed this video course in 2011 for the department of Art and Design of the University of Valencia (Spain). The course was imparted for three consecutive years with a great rate of success. Now, you can enjoy the contents of this university course for free!

All the contents were originally published in Spanish. Now they have been translated to English just for you! I hope you will learn and enjoy with this contents, like hundreds of other students did back in the day!


Future Posts

  • Vector Tools: Paintbrush Tool
  • First Steps: Basic Shapes
  • Pathfinder Panel
  • Drawing a Vector House
  • Create Custom Brushes in Illustrator
  • Making Patterns in Illustrator
  • Gradient Tool
  • Mesh Tool – HOT!
  • Illustrator Effects
  • Photoshop Effects in Illustrator
  • Clipping Masks
  • Transparency Masks
  • Making Glossy Icons in Illustrator: Step by Step
  • Making a Complex Vector Illustration: Step by Step
  • Making a Portrait in Vector Illustration: Step by Step
  • Making a Portrait with the Mesh Tool: Step by Step – HOT!
  • Easy Illustrations with Live Trace
  • Vectors and their influence in 3D Modeling